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A seriously overpriced whore, may or may not be worth it
"don't bother, you can't afford the Blairbo."
by cant touch this November 28, 2007
1. The kind of girl that is so hot it hurts a man's eyes when she dances, usually known for her hips.

2. Being very very sassy
1. "Damn, after that Shakira song, that Blairbo totally blinded me!"

2. "Did you see that? your ex just pulled a Blairbo snap!"
by Gertrudeeee November 01, 2007
A dark past, something the girl (can be a guy but usually is a girl) would never tell you and would rather you didn't know.
YOU think she's innocent, you don't know about her blairbo.
by lil freddy gurl November 28, 2007