A Blaike is a sexy beast, who is also carring and sweet. very outgoing person. Once you meet a Blaike your whole world will change they are just that special. A bad ass , such as porn star, elected official, super-athlete. AWESOME IN BED AND HAS THE BIGGEST DICK. A blaike is usually a loving boyfriend hes the best in the world. If you harm his girlfriend you better watch out. Blaikes are usually awesome hockey players. A blaike is not to be messed with out on the ice.

the hottest guy you can ever meet, hes hot, fine, and everything a girl can ask for. HES PERFECT!
Girl A: hey omg did you see that guy?
Girl B: yeah hes so awesome he must be a blaike.
by sexy kittin January 30, 2012
Top Definition
Blaike is an awesome person, beautiful inside and out. Usually scene or has a hot stlye. Sweet, nice, and trustworthy.
OMG Blaike talked to me!

Wow, she is such a blaike.
by »-(¯'v'¯)-» July 12, 2009
A two-faced liar with a bad memory. He cant fight his own fights because he is a pussy and he gets other people to talk shit for him. He tries to act emo or gothic but he just looks gay. He never talks to anyone and just sits in the corner alone chuckiling. Also, he walks like a model and thinks hes sexy with his faggot shoes.
You see that guy over there chuckiling to himself?
Yeah why?
Hes such a faggot, thats Blaike
by Moban April 02, 2011
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