(Adj) used to describe a woman who requires expensive dinners, lavish gifts, VIP treatment, in order to date her. She isn’t looking for a traditional relationship; she knows that men want her. She’s obsessed with this power and is often seen strutting through a club, looking for "ballers" in order to get the highest bidder- PAY TO PLAY.
Man, that girl is “blago.” She won’t date you unless you have a BMW M6, buy her Prada and pay her bills.

The club is full of “blago” girls.
by unk suspect February 21, 2009
adj. crazy or insane

adv. an action that makes no logical or sane sense
I know Rob loves a good time, but the shit he pulled is just blago.
by DemCub January 26, 2009
To be offered a trade of something of value for the enrichment of the sleaze-ball making the trade. In honor of our wonderful Governor Blagojevich.
John pulled a blago on me: he offered to give me his grandfather's priceless Stradivarius for two tickets to the ball game.
by David Edelstein December 10, 2008
To become incredibly drunk, so much so that much like its namesake former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, one completely loses touch with reality, has delusions of grandeur and/or invincibility, ultimately leading to their pathetic downfall and universal disappointment and scorn.
Ricky said he'd only come out for a couple drinks, but that quickly turned into nine and before you knew it, he was so blago he puked on my shirt, ran down Michigan Avenue with no clothes on and got hit by a bus he thought he could stop.
by PMike February 04, 2009
A very painful growth on one's posterior, either a cyst or an std-related infection; sometimes used to refer to discomfort that arises from too much anal intercourse. Named in honor of Gov Rod Blagojevich.
"My girlfriend claims I gave her a blago and refuses to ride on my cycle..."
"Dude, my tailbone has this blago so I had to stand in the back during the movie"
by metanoia2k December 30, 2008

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