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A term used to describe a guy who is engaged in conversation and flirtacious behaviour with a girl he fancies.
Mike: "Hey Bob, did you see Jay and Nicola at lunch?

Bob: "No, why?

Mike: "Ohhh, lad, Jay was blaggin for sure"
by Doodleluspippus December 05, 2010
someone who's making up a lie (in this case a blag) to hide something from someone, get something they want or even just to make conversation!!
sean: i blagged up gary yesterday to lend me his FIFA PS2 game

sandra (to linda): are you comin to my house tonight then?
linda: sorry i cant. i got work
bex: wat a blag!!
by ali p April 15, 2005
An excersize performed by one male to increase sexual and physical stamina.
After a series of cardiovascular exersizes you must masterbate and ejaculate and instead of sleeping or rest you must do more exersizes followed by more masterbation.
after a week of blaggins two hours a day John had the stamina of a champ.
by Larry Bew October 28, 2007
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