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when you go online and make up a word
"ubber" is blaft and so are all the other words you make up
by dave jones February 22, 2005
2 5
Cute, clever, mischevious, rebellious, furry, or some combination thereof.
"Last night, my dog ate the latch off of the liquor cabinet and got in and drank all my whiskey." "Aww, he's blaft."
by <mr. fronk> March 14, 2006
20 5
To punch in the chest.
A punch in the chest.
"Ouch! Why you gotta blaft me like that?"

I blafted him so hard, he hit tha flo'.

Children punching eachother in the chest...
Teacher:"Children, what are you doing?"
Students: "Silly teacher, a little blafting never hurt anyone."

"Blaft ya later!"

"Golly, that blaft really hurt Johnny!"
by iamthecheese March 10, 2009
17 5
Acronym standing for:


BLAFT is the most accurate scale of a woman’s attractiveness known to man. Each category ranges from 1-10; with 1 being the most unattractive physical feature imaginable and 10 being completely flawless, respectively. Each category is completely independent of every other category. After all categories have been judged* by at least 2 persons**, they will be added up and multiplied by two (2). The resulting number will be equivalent to a percentage in where 100% would be the perfect*** woman.

*BLAFT only takes into account physical features. Absolutely NO personality or intelligence is taken into account.

**BLAFT may only be done by men. No woman is EVER to be made aware of BLAFT.
***It is said that if a woman is accurately judged to be a “100” space and time would unravel.
dude 1: "Dude! lets BLAFT that chick walkin her dog, she looks pretty hot."
dude 2: " Alright man, B:7. L:8, A: 8, F:7, T...9!"
dude 1: "Ok so shes a... 78."
dude 2: "Nicely done. she seemed like an 80's chick, but BLAFT doesnt lie. Still, kudos to you miss 78."
by c3!MUSTC!TV!C3!!!!!!OOO BABIII December 29, 2009
23 16