wigger/townie talk
wha gwan blad that shit is grimey i need 2 spark some bres down my ends etc...
by ur left testicle March 01, 2004
1.Something bad caused by a member of the african american race.

2.Anything bad to do with the African American race.

3. Slurring of the word, bad.
"We lost so Bladly to those jungle monkeys
by Ukariosomino March 01, 2009
meaning friend. But nobody knows that it is really taken from the jamacan word blud clat, 2 you and me:blood cloth, meaning tampon!
I can't bang her now can I? It's that tym of the month n she got a fuckin blud up her pussy.
by NTFC_lad March 26, 2005
A name for a chav and what they call each other. ie, they call each other blad and they are referred to as blads.

Interesting point: the Russian for bitch is actually bl'ad. Go figure.
Ow blad, chuck us 50p like, or I'll smack you out ya clit!
by Chris Harding November 19, 2004
Blad. Many people mistake this for the Jamaican for blood brother. Infact it comes from the american gang slang meaning blood. The bloods are a group of people in America, mainly California, who don't like the Crips, the opposite gang, so to speak. The London slang Blad is a particularly bad way for saying "blood", but means the same thing.
"Aight blad you gon get in sum neak shit, or get shanked in ya beak blad. blap blap."
by Sem_001 February 24, 2006
Blads is the skin behind your eyebrows. Grab your eyebrows and pull them and the skin it reveals is the Blads
"Dude your blads be pimpin fresh."
by captain bungalo October 23, 2005

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