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When someone is covered with so much spit, beer, vomit, and especially semen, that when they walk next to a black light the light from their stains illuminates the room as well as adjacent rooms.
YO man last night was crazy, your girl was in the bathroom for the whole party passed out while guys walked in and out all night. When she came back to the dance party, the people thought the party was over cuz SHE LIT UP DA ROOOM, she was a total Blacklight Special.
by Chris Shmuckatelli September 23, 2009
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A sale on items at K-Mart that are stained after employees had sex on or near them on 3rd shift when the store is closed. A twist on the "blue light special" they had at K-mart in the 1980's and shining a black light to find semen stains. A Black Light Special in aisle #2 may denote that it was anal sex.
After K-mart employees or shoppers have sex in the store, a sale on items that have semen stains on them found with a black light. Black Light Special in aisle #2
by x11198109v0 February 08, 2015

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