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A condition in where a person (usually black) becomes addicted to stealing/looting flat screen t.v.'s from white people, and drinking a lot of kool-aid, which later may lead to Beaneritis.
Josie "Dang that Nigga Kyle started looting flat screens from the store"
Tood "He must have Blackitis, its a serious condition"
Josie "You might be right".
by GottaLovetheBabes March 06, 2009
When a white person turns into a black person because the black person touched the white person
AAAHHHHHHHH!!!! i have blackitis cause that black person touched me!
by googa1234567889 October 10, 2010
A medical condition where one is obsessed with black objects.
Crystal is suffering from Blackitis.
by nervewrecker June 20, 2010
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