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A language that is spoken by a large percentage of African-Americans. Often, a translator is necessary to help a "whitey" understand Blackanese.
Tyrone: Ye boi! Imuh Tro Dis Lyk Payton Manning!!

Whitey:Translation please?

Blackanese-English Translator- I'm going to throw this ball very far.
-----------------------------Example 2------------------------------
Jarone: (Meeting his friend) Deeum boih ya qota trow me summa dat swag ya dyg?/ lyk holla at me aight?

Jajesus: Ye boi ima hit u up on de cell-yew-lerr, goda ruhn din din wid da fayym.

Asian Person: I tink he try to hurt me! i tink he wanna hurt me rely bad bic boy bic bic bic

Professional fluent in Blackian and English: No, they simply discussed plans to call each other while bringing up the relevant topic of clothing and a family dinner. It's that easy.
by a bok lau August 26, 2009
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