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The act of spinning one's breasts around in circles. Usually done while naked.
That pool party was completely insane. One minute we were all skinny dipping then the next minute Tracy was on the pool deck Blackhawking us!
by Finrazael September 06, 2011
The act of hanging off the side of your friends van while he/she is driving. Mostly because the van is full.
Friend: Dude! You can't get a ride!

You: It's okay. I'll just hang off the side.

Friend: Black Hawking? Sure, why not.
by The Almighty Lunchbox February 13, 2014
Having 6+ skaters on the ice at any given time without having to worry about being called for too many men.
The Blackhawks were Blackhawking their way through the Stanley Cup playoffs.
by chrisnigga69 April 21, 2015
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