1. Inadiquit in every way, for the most part, a useless piece of sheetmetal.

2. A sex act where an african american male spreads his nut sack as far as he can, forming a wing. He then runs around flaping this wing and making bird like screeches.
"did you see that blackhawk? its pretty much a useless piece of garbage!!"


"My old lady wanted to spice up our love life, so i ran out of the bathroom and suprised her with the blackhawk!!"
by Varsity47 September 20, 2009
1) Anything that is down or is going down.
A) Something that is doomed for failure. An action or idea that will lead to catastrophe in the near future. A cluster fuck.
B) Something that is cool, hip, or groovy. esp. Someone that is in touch or on board with a cool activity.
C) A promiscuous female or male. esp. One who readily performs oral sex on others.

2) A badass helicopter that will fuck your day up if you mess with the best.
1.A.) I watched Jake pull out a spray can as he neared the police cruiser, and I knew that the night was about to go totally blackhawk.

1.B.) Yoda turned to me, a packed bowl in his gnarled little hand, and asked "Get down, do you?" That's when I looked at him and said, "Like a blackhawk, baby."

1.C.) I nudged Will as Sheila walked past us and told him, "Go for it dude, she's a total blackhawk." Will responded, "What, you mean she'll suck my dick?" I answered, "Yes, that is exactly what I mean."

2.) I told Chuck Norris he was a chump, and the next thing I know eighteen blackhawk helicopters come out of nowhere dropping ninjas out of the sky. That was a bad day.
by invisible christopher walken March 01, 2009
(2)Synonymous with drama; That which causes excessive emotional conflict
(1) Blackhawk was all over the forums, today. (2)Blackhawk had two whole people in an uproar about being perma-banned from the forums!
by Pretty Neat Person October 15, 2008
is a sauk and fox leader in the 19th century, he faught in many wars and is a big icon in the southwest region of wisconsin, there is a school in Southwayne, wisconsin thats named after him. There is also a park and a war named after him.
1.Hey i was chillen in Black Hawk, and there was a bunch of hot chicks.
2.Black Hawk is a bad ass mother fucker
by rufey82 March 16, 2009

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