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U.S. Army rotary wing pilot, operating the smok'n hot UH-60 model helicopter. These sexy pilots are the epitome of style, class and intelligence in the Army aviation community. Known for their laid back attitudes and stylish uniforms, they are extremely effective under pressure while conducting a myriad of highly trained, kick ass missions, including MEDEVAC, Air Assault and personnel and equipment transport. Unmatched in planning, these technical and tactical geniuses will kill a plethora of trees per mission, to ensure their mission/planning packets are free of even the smallest typo or diagram error. If unsure about being in the presence of one of these barrel chested easy rider freedom fighters, one need merely ask… or wait for them to exclaim…"Hi there, I'm a pilot."
Girl in bar: "Can you believe that Blackhawk Pilot just said "hello" to me!!!"

Fixed Wing Pilot: "Wow, look at that Blackhawk Pilot walking down the flight line!"

Apache Pilot: "Hey, look at this 100 page mission packet that Blackhawk pilot just handed me for this mission. All I need is the Commo and Way Point page."
by B-Shawk UH-60 June 15, 2013
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