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A McDonald's restaurant located in the heart of the ghetto. Usually an old, run down McDonalds that has black people loitering around all the time. Mostly just to chill with their homies, but drugs can also be dealt there. White people avoid the BlackDonalds at all costs for fear of their lives. Can also be referred to as GhettoDonald's, and is the direct inverse of WhiteDonald's.
Mike drove 5 miles out of his way to avoid the BlackDonald's on Broadway, to find the McDonald's in a more safe neighborhood.
by Steve S. June 11, 2005
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A place where many black people may gather. In this case it will be a usually run down mcdonalds. Drugs are usually dealt there, and gang hits may be placed there. Some people avoid these areas at all costs for the sake of their lives.

See: black, ghetto
The man didn't go near the BlackDonalds because he doesen't want to provoke violence.
by Alan Shaffer June 27, 2005
This is a term used to describe a McDonald's restaurant that is operated by a primarily African American staff.
Hey man wanna stop and Micky Dees?

No thats a BlackDonalds, my burger is always cold.
by Dasboet December 04, 2010

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