The worst fucking band to ever play a gig, they rip off every thing, they stole their appearance from kiss and then just straight up crossed it with every emo band in existence, the lead singer stole his stage name from nikki sixx from motley crue, all their riffs/solos are generic easy to play shit that sounds just like a7x or atreyu only less complex, all their songs are about the same thing, they try and market the idea of being your self (by dressing just like they do) to bullied loner kids and then wear tight clothes and shove their crotches in the face of 13 year old girls just so they can make money, and they can single handedly ruin any concert they play, they scene emo posers are and anyone who likes them is shallow retarded and most likely also scene emo
scene emo fag: black veil brides is the greatest band ever!!!!!

person with half a mind: no their not they suck and are extremely unoriginal, go try and cut yourself and pussy out then shop at hot topic faggot

scene emo fag runs off crying
by inflameswetrust July 20, 2011
The most amazing band ever with Andy Sixx(Lead singer)
Sandra Alvarenga (BEST FEMALE DRUMMER), Ashley Purdey (Guitarist) Jinxx (Guitarist or bassist I think bass) The band has had many members the most recent one was kicked out of the band was Pan (JERK). The band has had about 10 or more ex members. They started in L.A
hot scene kid 1: What is that super awesome sound!

hotter scene kid 2: That is the super awesome BLACK VEIL BRIDES!!
by Andy lover November 28, 2009
a fake-emo band consisting of a bunch of pussys who rip off great bands and claim to "be themselves"
Black Veil Brides-

headbanger- BMTH is awesome

emo- no there not, BVB is!!!

headbanger throws emo in a garbage can and rolls him down a hill
emo kid starts to cry and trys to cut himself, but pussys out to go listen to BVB (they will never learn)
by uglychikin69 December 05, 2011
Black Veil Brides is a band that formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2006.
They're often referred to as scene-dipshits who are trying WAY too hard to be Avenged Sevenfold. Listen to "Knives and Pens" by Black Veil Brides, then "Unholy Confessions" by Avenged Sevenfold. Seriously? If you're gonna rip someone, don't make it obvious, like a band with a massive fanbase.

Their frontman(even though he's obviously trying to look like a chick), chose the stage name Andy Sixx. Way to be original. Nikki Sixx is probably itching to kick your ass.

Their music is generic Alternative-Scene-Metal-Screamo that somehow attracts tons of fans, regardless of how shitty. Bands like this are bound to create thousands of Fangirls, and it's going to be hell.

They recently released their first studio album, "We Stitch These Wounds".
Music Fan: "Hey...What the fuck is that noise? It sounds like A7x on drugs, trying to be emo-pussies.

Female BVB Fan: "WHAT!?!? Andy Sixx is the most AMAZING guy EVER!! Black Veil Brides is TONS better than what ever the fuck YOU'VE been listening to!"

Music Fan: "Ok....Have fun with your crush on a closet homo. He dresses like a girl, for fucks sake. Christ, chicks these days."
by Human Nightmare August 11, 2010
A band that consists of angry, over dressed, lesbians.
They wear too much make-up and don't make music.
Screaming is NOT a talent . (:
by whiteandproudyea July 24, 2011
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