A rock band that consists of five members; Andy Biesack- Lead singer, Ashley Purdy- Bass and backup singer, Jinxx- Rythem guitar and Violin, Jake Pitts- Lead guitar, CC- Drums.

People say that BVB is an emo band, which it is not. It's an amazing band who has the best fans in the world. They look up to bands like KISS, as you can tell by their look.

They tell their fans to always be their selfs.
Jackass who thinks their cool; Black Veil Brides is the gayest band ever. There just posers. Stupid fags!

A kid who thinks right; Fuck off, dumbass. Black Veil Brides is the best band ever!
by I'm a unicorn named Rafeekee. October 22, 2011
A decent ROCK band (not METAL, not HARDCORE) who appearance-wise resemble KISS and Motley Crue, with an unfortunately, insanely faggy fan base. End of story.
Random 14 year old girl: "Yeah I love Black Veil Brides and Blood on the Dance Floor! So inspirational!"

Me: "What the fuck is inspirational about cupcakes and blowjobs"
by lethality February 03, 2013
An American hardcore Rock band which too many emo posers listen too.

People, mostly posers usually think that since they listen to BVB, they think they're automatically emo and cool. Little do they know that BVB is not an emo band anymore, it has become more commercial.

People think that listening to only Black Veil Brides makes them emo, but then they cannot list any other REAL EMO BANDS because they're so fucking retarted.
Popular kid in school: I'm emo because i listen to Black Veil Brides. I want to be just like Andy Sixx so i'm going to change my last name to Sixx so that i'm cool.

Me: Do you listen to BMTH? (Another more famous emo rock band)

Popular Kid: Whats that?
by CrashCarson July 25, 2011
An amazing screamo/metal band. With the members: Andy Sixx (Goes by Andy Six, Andy Biersack, Andy 6 or Andy Sixx), Ashley Purdy, Jake Pitts, Jinxx (Jeremy Ferguson.), And CC (Christian Coma.)

Andy Sixx: Singer/Screamer
Ashley Purdy: Bassist. (Amazing!)
Jake Pitts: Rythem guitarist.
Jinxx: Lead Guitarist.
CC: New drummer.

You can often buy their stuff at a local HotTopic
Dude I got that new Black Veil Brides album called Set The World On Fire!


Hey Jamie!! You should check out this amazing band named: Black Veil Brides
by xXx_Throwing_Knives_xXx June 15, 2011
A band of 5 people, including: Andy 6, Ashley Purdy, Sandra, Jinxx, and Jake Pitts.

They are known to be like a faster PussyCat, LA Guns, Alice Cooper, KISS, and Motley Crue all together.
Random Kid: Hey, wanna go see BVB (Black Veil Brides) ?

Sally the Weirdo: Yeah, what time?

Random Kid: When Black Veil Brides SAY! Because they are ninjas!
by jaydrules April 28, 2010
An American rock band formed in 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Current members

Andy Biersack - lead vocals, keyboard (since 2006); bass (2008–2009)
Jinxx - rhythm guitar, violin, backing vocals (since 2009)
Jake Pitts - lead guitar (since 2009)
Ashley Purdy - bass, backing vocals (since 2009)
Christian "CC" Coma - drums (since 2010)

Though they potentially could be a great band, they prefer to rip off other bands to get famous as a result they have an undeserved gigantic fanbase.

There main rip off victim is Motley crue. The lead singer decides to call himself 'Andy six' which is very close to Nikki Sixx. Nikki stole this name also but he he is the original stealer.They also took motley of their glam image.

There latest big hit 'fallen angels' sounds like a mix of motleys 'saints of Los Angeles' and 'shout at the devil'

Other rip off victims include: avenged sevenfold.
What airbourne is to AC/DC
Black veil brides is to Motley crue
by rob1245 June 07, 2011
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