BLACKSACK- some say its a disease some say its racist well its when you are kak'ed with a shovel and or rake-kennedy-black dynamite
yo bro i was just chillin in walmart with my OG.drunk traler mates and i noticed i was blacksacked i was raped.
by black dynamite with a black... April 02, 2010
A condition caused by excessive lint (commonly present in a new pair of underwear) clinging to the scrotum after the first use. The fuzz will fuse with ball sweat or Fermunda Cheese giving the appearance of an African-American's scrotum.
Trisha was disgusted at my Black Sack! She didn't believe that it was from my new pair of Fruit-of-the-Loom boxer briefs.
by RealTexarkanaTits July 12, 2013

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