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A nickname for the superior general of the Jesuits. Used because he wears a black robe and rules over the largest religious order in the Catholic Church.
Hans Kolvenbach, SJ, is the current Black Pope.
by ScottX November 28, 2006
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term used to define his next holy blackness. Term used also to express a well deserved change in the roman catholic church. Also some say the end of the world will come with a black pope. A straight foward change that will send millions of white catholics hurling back to reality from their oh so mighty cloud of naive. change is come son, with a whole lot of soul.
you wish you could be gangsta like the pope. In the name of the father, the son, and holy motherfucking spirit son. WORD.
by chilebungee April 07, 2005
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Greeting, signifies support for the election of a black pope in 05.
Will soon replace "sup?"
Jimmy: "Black Pope."
David: "Black Pope."
Jimmy: "So, how was the physics test?"
by Bill Diesel April 05, 2005
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