Most Notably a Halo 1 Clan found on XbConnect. On a later note a Halo 2 clan that fell apart and has since been dead. Their playing style was derived from the term Black Ops which is basically "to operate in the dark" Their clans slogan was "Death from the Shadows" Many of the members believed at the core that through all the fighting found irl that eventually we would all make it to a place where we would be "Immortal" Every member took their names from a letter in the military/phonetic alphabet. Starting with the clans three founding brothers Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. They competed with the best of the best including most notably StK or Shoot To Kill who was most definately the best Halo clan well into Halo 2. Stk Spent most of their MLG career undefeated well into Halo 2. Halo 3 the clan is now nonexistent. During Black-Ops reign every member was ages 13-16 and thus, never was able to make it to a MLG competition. That didnt stop them from dedicating every moment they could to perfecting their playing style and thirst for competition.

-whoop whoop
by Some_Guy_diez August 18, 2009
A Call of Duty title that online multiplayer communities are obsessing over. While the game seems to be very popular, it actually fucking sucks. This game is putting an end to teen pregnancies, and turning women lesbian at the same time. There has also been reports of straight males turning queer after playing it as well. While the multiplayer and single player experience is quite bad, the Zombies mode is actually pretty kick ass. The name of the game comes from African American descent, most likely being nigger.
Guy 1: Playin' Black Ops tonight?

Guy 2: I can't clown with that nigger anymore. Hell, I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna go out and find some penis.

Guy 1: What the hell? I thought you had a girlfriend??

Guy 2: That game turned me queer, and my girlfriend dumped me and turned dike.
by Dizzay February 09, 2011
probably the most annoying topic to hear everyone talk about. i remember just 2 months ago people freaked out about Halo Reach, but nobody even will bother talk about that subject anymore. somehow, if you have prestiged, that automatically makes you awesome. People have even given up partying and sports (or at least in my town) to play this game.
Annoying prick: omg i just got black ops and i have prestiged 3 times!!!1! if you dont even have black ops your a n00b.

Me: fuck black ops. Were you not just making out with your hot girlfriend and scoring touchdowns the day before it came out?
by dodongo56 November 16, 2010
From the game Call of Duty: Black Ops. meaning good, amazing, awesome.
That was a blackops insult! Or: That headshot was blackops!
by crashbangfail November 10, 2010
taking a big black cock up the ass.
hey man wanna play black ops?
by bumpkinkid January 20, 2011
something beyond standard, to be use as a last resort and not recognize by society. it could be use as an adjective and a verb.
Adjective use: guy1: dude!! I heard krisha just got a rubber ducky squeaky edition!
guy2: yeah she's shifty, pretty black ops.

Verb use: guy1: Homie !! i can't teach my mom how to drive
the whip.
guy2: Easy boy! enroll yo momma to a driving school. you better do the black ops
by imhighasfuck October 30, 2010
The act of going into a public bathroom and pissing everywhere. An elegant art form, truely. If a bathroom has been adequately Black Ops'd, it should be impossible for anyone to operate without getting wethanded.
Gavin just black ops'd the Arby's. He got it on the fucking ceiling!
by TEHd November 07, 2007

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