mostly related to secret missions executed by the US Navy seals
alright gentlemen, this mission is blackops
by cctmarine April 12, 2009
A term used between teen couples and friends as a code word for sexual deeds.
Myles : me and my gf went and played black ops yesterday, im so good at it

Jacob : i just love single player black ops, i shoot all over the place

Callum : over the weekend i played multiplayer black ops with 3 other guys. i totally got the highest score, it was so awesome
by sexualdeeds February 15, 2011
The game of the Call Of Duty Franchise that some people think it's an operation run by black people.
"I'm going to play Black Ops."
by Coca-Cola Bieber Syndrome December 25, 2014
One of the shittiest fps games to date with horrible lag compensation and unfair advantages due to connection and poor servers/host. A game thats hit detection is only decent 20 percent of the time. A game where a player with an accuracy of 20 percent with a k/d of 2.58 can lose to a player with a 12 percent accuracy with a k/d of .96 A game where sniping is garbage and faggots still think its cool to get on and try and quick scope on a game that isn't designed for that. A game where people think they're good at it by getting a clan together to tactically camp and or camp the spawns on demo/domination to achieve a high k/d easily. Also a game where people deny their host advantage when they have one and declare they're better than you automatically.
On Black Ops last night GrabbaBeer put a whole clip into that bitch and the faggot shot him twice and he died.
by GrabbaBeer September 28, 2011
a First Person Shooter game, where the single player is short and probably the worst of all the CoD games, the multi player is literally the same thing over and over again and the zombie maps are terrible. The community is probably the worst in gaming history, as its filled with trolls, 7-year-olds and ragers, all of whom try to be cool by insulting people they don't even know. CoD fan boys are the worst. Whenever someone even dares insult black ops they go ape shit on how the graphics are amazing and its incredibly popular. Then when you make the point that graphics don't make the game good, and bad games can be really popular, they call you a noob and feel like they have achieved something. I did not enjoy this game, and I don't think I ever will.
person 1: Hey wanna play black ops?

person 2: Fuck no, black ops is probably the worst game I have ever played.

person 1: Well your a noob lololol pwned noob
by DPoilSPILL July 04, 2011
The reason that
1.You have no friends
2.Havent got laid
3.You dont care about your family
4.Doing terrible at school
Example 1: Person1: Finnaly rank 70 im going to tell my friends wait wut friend

Example2: Girl:Hey cutie wanna have some fun

Boy: Nahhhhh call of duty blackops sounds more fun

Example 3: Mother: Jake your... your...... dad has been killed

Jake: Shut the fuck up noob im playing

Example4: Teacher: Can any one tell me whts 50x12 what about u nick

Nick; ummmmm level 23 prestige
by XXahrockzXX November 14, 2011
Secretly going out with an ugly or fat girl and not answering your cellphone or frequenting your usual bars and dining spots, so as not to be seen by your friends.
Hey, where were you for the last two days?
I was on a black op with the girl from Blockbuster.
by Allen Miami June 05, 2007

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