when you smoke a dollar bill and a black and mild at the same time
He was pulling a black market when his mom walked in and caught him smokin.
by Kuchmasterflex November 07, 2007
Top Definition
n. The location in which one trades and sell illegal commidity smuggled from an illegal source esp. outside of the location.
Buy High, Sell low. Profit= -$100
Get High, Get low. Morality= -6043
by sss3d July 16, 2004
Refers to a illegal market; that is, a market in illegal (such as drugs or prostitution) or unregulated (such as cigarettes or prescription drugs) goods and services such that the buyer and seller are both violating the laws of the jurisdiction in which the trade happens.
Did you hear the RatShack manager down the street got arrested for selling black market radar detectors in Connecticut?
by connorbd@yahoo.com June 19, 2006
The illegal trading of goods from a place where it is legal (Usually) into a place where the object is illegal.
Cuban Cigars somehow getting smuggles into the U.S.

Crack-Cocaine getting over the border of the United States.
by Schwang November 21, 2003
think of the united states as one big black market. or think of it as the underground railroad. it's not really there, but you know it's happening.

it's basically where anyone trades goods or services for money. this money is untaxed, and unregulated, generally involving products such as narcotics, prostitutes, or even booze. it's possible the greatest market ever conceived.
Tom: Wanna go to the black market this weekend?
Billy: By which you mean go to the red light district and get some hookers?
Tom: No I meant go to you're dealer and get some heroin.
Billy: Oh, why didn't you say so?
by Bonghero420 August 02, 2009
A place where they sell stolen stuffs
I got this iPad in black market for $100! It fell out of the back of the truck!
by Goodchild May 14, 2015
A gathering of black people who are selling drugs to friends and each other.
My house was a black market yesterday when all of Ypsilanti, a largly black community, was piled in my kitchen and living room selling, trading, and using.
by Josh and Jordan January 07, 2007
Usually means a business owned by an African-American, but can also be applied to a place that hires mostly black employees. Typically considered inferior to other businesses.
Person 1 - Yo, Jamal's store ain't doing well!
Person 2 - Of course not, it's a black market.
by small jagger December 07, 2004

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