if you're fobby, you better be careful how you say it. when spoken too quickly or with an accent it can sound like "black guys" could be particularly dangerous on the streets on Philadelphia. most likely.
holy crap, watch out for all the black ice on the street! translates to: holy crap, watch out for all the black guys on the street!
by orichh July 06, 2011
A legendary Australia SPL competitor, renowned for his Ford Festiva daily driver
'And BlackIce kicked ass with a 160 db today in his festiva!'
by Bumassager September 11, 2007
to like toes in an unhealthy manner.
Mr.Feely BlackICEs way too much in our english class.
by BooM September 07, 2003
there is also another BlackIce fitting the above description in #alt.uk, on irc.deviantart.com :)
<Phae> BlackIce, you rock!
by Anonymous September 07, 2003
Smoking black tar heroin with meth. Grab your foil with the shiny side down, place some ice on it and crack it back, once cracked add a small piece of heroin to the mix and enjoy.
I just scored some dope to go with my tar, I'm gonna have some black ice with my beer tonight.
by BIG TY RIEK November 02, 2008
The evil guard of #alt.uk on irc.deviantart.com
The evil guard was BlackIce who got this reputation after kicking out 512 persons
by Anonymous September 07, 2003
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