Being in a neigborhood that you do not belong in.
Those two white boys in this hood are having a black hawk down situation
#situation #trouble #boundary #fence #off limits
by gvr June 01, 2006
Top Definition
Refering to Operation Restore Hope, the Delta mission in October of 1993 in Mogadishu Somalia.

11 Delta Force Operatives lost their lives in the operation, and hundreds of Somalian rebels were killed by the Delta Force. A movie was made by Ridley Scott which is based on the operation, and a video game has also been realeased based on the event.
Black Hawk Down was a great movie!
by 1337 Fork July 30, 2005
One of the greatest damn movies ever, based on true events in 1993 when brave soldiers from Delta Force, U.S. Rangers fought their way through the clan war-torn streets in Mogadishu, Somalia for absolutely no success except 2 black hawk helicopter crashes and 18 soldiers deaths. The mission was too simply capture high-ranked soldiers in Mohammed Farrah Aidids clan, the general

A game has been made for it, too.
John: I feel bad for the soldiers in Somalia in October 1993

Lucy: Yeah, me too.
by Pirate12 July 12, 2005
When you hover over the toilet to defecate, and a large piece of feces misses the bowl and sticks to the seat. Disgusted and embarrassed, the guilty party leaves the scene without cleaning up.
Don't hit that stall in the corner, bro. There's a blackhawk down.
#dump #mudd trails #toilet #dump at face value #crap #turd
by Gahces December 18, 2007
When a group of black males witnesses one of their own drop for any number of reasons. Be it they get knocked out, trip and fall, can't handle their alcohol and tip over, or if they are dancing and their hubris gets the better of them causing them to trip themselves up.

The level and intensity of the call out is based on the circumstances of them falling and how hard they hit the ground.
As Jamal was dancing with his bride at his wedding, he tried to pull off a move he saw in a movie. As he fell he knocked over his bride and mother in law. Before laughing Brian hollered "BLACK HAWK DOWN" to get the parties attention to Jamal's epic fail.
#black #hawk #down #falling #knocked out
by Blackest Dragon January 13, 2015
when engaging in sexual intercourse with a black woman you pick her up while still inside her, and spin her around like a helecopter blade then let her go flying.
'i was having sex with laphandah and gave her the black hawk down..she went flying'
#black hawkdown #hungarian bobsled #dirty sanchez #chili dog #angry clown
by atothejay/jeremy May 22, 2009
A black hawk down is defined by the precise motion of a black male performing wiener copters in semi-perfect circles and effectively wacking his partner in the face; thus, stopping the seemingly perpetual motion of the black wiener copter. Additionally, the answer is "no"--if you are a "sniper" and perform a heroic wiener copter you unfortunately do not get a congressional medal of honor.
Black hawk down that trifling hoe.
#angry pirate #cock slap #fiery dragon #butthole loving deluxe #alabama hot pocket
by Rediculon March 05, 2007
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