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Two very hairy butt checks of a man aged 17-25. Hair can be seen starting at, but not limited to, his lower back while shirtless.
Girl: Look at his hairy lower back!
Girl2: Yea he must have a serious pair of black forest hams roasting in those board shorts!
Girl: Black Forest Hams?
Girl2: Yea, butt checks are hams, swamps are woodland like forests, but its not quite like swamp ass, less moist, like a forest, and it would be black, like his pubes.

Girl:... You eat way to much Subway

Girl2: whats funny is i would love a black forest ham five dollar footlong right now... you know me to well...
by William Nye November 02, 2009
The dark thick forest downstairs ;]
This chick had a huge black forest ham !
by 123toothpaste123 October 04, 2008