''Is it cause we don't wear tommy hilfiger or baseball caps, we don't use dollars to represent, we just use our inner sense and talent''

From the song ''Fallin Up'' off their notoriously underlooked hip-hop album Behind The Front before Fergie came along & they were a hip-hop trio with a female vocalist Kim Hill accompanying them on some tracks
Black Eyed Peas to old fans are often called sell outs, not because they switched their music up though some will argue they strayed from their roots. But because of how they wrote the lyrics stated above in many of their songs & now have completely gone against their word
by datguy1&datguy2 June 14, 2011
While banging your female partner doggy style, you push your thumb deep into her balloon knot. Once she turns around to see what is going on, you rub your fecal thumb in and around her eye and pull out and piss in her face.
Last night, I tried to give my wife a Danny Glover, but her balloon knot was so tight, I had to settle for a black eyed pea.
by Lincoln Log November 08, 2009
A traditional soul food served on New Years day in most Southern homes. Black Eyed peas are a symbol of health and success for the upcoming year. It is believed to start your year without them will bring one great misfortune.In addition to hog jaw, which symbolizes luck and cabbage which symbolizes wealth often cornbread is served on the side.
When Melissa moved to Chicago from New Orleans she drove to seven stores to find black-eyed peas for her New Years Day meal.
by Bluebirdofhappiness April 09, 2010
A Los Angeles based group that mixes hip-hop, R&B and electro. Composed of will.i.am, apl.de.ap, Taboo, and Fergie. Kim Hill left the band in 2000 and was replaced by Fergie in 2003.

They've sold 20 million albums and 13 million singles so they can't be as shit as people say.

Songs are catchy, but some get annoying after repeated listening, ex. My Humps. Some songs are actually good and have a good point, such as Where Is The Love?

They released two albums, Behind the Front (1998)
and Bridging the Gap (2000), with Kim Hill, before breakout album Elephunk (2003) with Fergie, followed by Monkey Business in 2005 and The E.N.D (Energy Never Dies) in 2009.

Name is often shortened to "The Peas."
Tom: Do you like the Black Eyed Peas?
Bob: Yeah, I like their song "I Gotta Feeling" but "My Humps" is the most annoying song ever.
Tom: Yeah, I know. It gets on my nerves.

Where Is The Love is considered an anthem against the War on Terror and the 2003 invasion of Iraq since it was released shortly after the invasion began.
by Shadow Flavour September 20, 2009
Bullets, ammo, things you fire from a gun.
"...and I get served with some Black Eyed Peas tomorrow?" - Chrissy: Sopranos
by Zach Block January 17, 2005
A cool hip hop band with a really hot white chick (Fergie)who can out dance any black girl... plus her body is bangin!
lets go see bep tonight, cant wait to see what tight lil outfit Fergie's gonna be wearin
by Don April 09, 2005
One of the most amazing bands ever.

People say they suck, but these people probably like that lil wayne/drake shit, all I know is they have sold over 20 million copies of their cds and their tour is the hottest thing to have tickets to!!
All four of them are simply amazing and the bonds they have are amazing. They treat Fergie( one of the most amazing singers ever) like their queen, so for those people who say she has "to do stuff" to stay in the band, you are very wrong!!!
Person 1- Man I Love the Black Eyed Peas.
Person 2- Eww....
Person 1- Ohh shutup, you know you have like all their songs on your itunes account.
Person 2- Shutup!!!
by peabodysarah March 12, 2010
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