A Pathetic no-talent bunch of wankplanks featuring a dirty slut as one of there "vocalists" They have no talent whatsoever and the female in the group gives the others free head when she knowns in reality shes a professional prostitute and cannot sing worth shit.
Black Eyed Peas need to die (esp Fergie that slut bitch of a ho)
by Brother Number One June 22, 2005
The Black Eyed Peas is a hip-hop group from Los Angeles formed in 1995. The group consists of will.i.am, apl.de.ap, Taboo, and as of 2001, Fergie.
Check out their first three albums: "Behind the Front", "Bridging the Gap", and "Elephunk".
The Black Eyed Peas used to be very good, but now they make stuff like "My Humps" and "Boom Boom Pow".
by Dudewiththeshades May 01, 2010
A traditional soul food served on New Years day in most Southern homes. Black Eyed peas are a symbol of health and sucess for the upcoming year. It is believed to start your year without them will bring one great misfortune.In addition to hog jaw, which symbolizes luck and cabbage which symbolizes wealth often cornbread is served on the side.
When Melissa moved to Chicago from New Orleans she drove to 7 stores to find black eyed peas for her New Years Day meal.
by Bluebirdofhappiness April 09, 2010
Black eyed piss is hip hop? More like XTREMELY VIOLENT ASSRAPE
One of the many leaders of "Mainstream Hell."
by ThaNeoGospel January 06, 2005
A music group including Fergie, Will I Am, Taboo, adn Apl-de-ap. They have good songs and sound amazing on CD's but in real live concert they sound horrible. Probably because they dont practice and the sound system isn't good.
Did you see the Black Eyed Peas in concert the other night?
Yeah. They were okay. Sounded a lot better on the CD though.
by Misty Mason November 07, 2010
The backside of a very unhygienic person.
Pull your pants back up! Your black eyed peas are making me sick.
by Martinie June 02, 2004
The gayest band in the world!
I feel bad for the girl because every time I see her with all those guys all I think is "she probably has to give them all a blow-job every day so they just keep her in the band!" Hahaha
Actually I really dont care, its just funny! LOL
by Enna B. January 08, 2005
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