saturday night. old school word used to describe how afro americans celebrate saturday night. getting clean, washing the car, going out to the club and celebrating.
you can tell it is black christmas, man these brothers are lub and this club is packed.
by bert2 June 19, 2005
Top Definition
a horror movie that was released on December 25, 2006 about a serial killer stalking sorority girls. Billy, the serial killer, is locked up in an asylum and escapes to his old house which is now the house for the sorority. While the movie is set in 2006, it is also a story in a story in that it shows how he became who he became. He murdered his family except for his sister/daughter Agnes. Billy's mother raped him when he was a teen and she had his baby, which would also count as his sister. Billy and Agnes kill the sorority girls in gruesome ways. The movie stars Katie Cassidy as the lead, and also stars Michelle Trachtenberg, Lacey Chabert, and Kristen Cloke.
"Can you believe Michelle Trachtenberg is in a horror movie? It's called "Black Christmas"."
by simpleguy September 07, 2009
When your friends or family give you shitty christmas presents that you will never use or keep.
"Hey!What your girlfriend give you for christmas?"

"Oh, ummmm, she gave me a Sheryl Crow poster. It was a black christmas."
by Ime Daman July 12, 2008
If poverty has forsaken your family during Christmas time.
I think we're going to have a Black Christmas

Hooray for Black Christmas
by The Wise one. December 04, 2013
right after tax returns are filed; Late January and early February. Most temporary tag period in the year; car will be repossessed in March or April at the latest. Also, rental of Uhaul's and rental furniture when increase at this time as well.
When kids go back to school from Christmas break, they discuss what they got for the holiday, one kid will say "My mama said, 'My Christmas ain't ova, I can get some gifts in February!'"

"When you get that car?" Reply "Black Christmas"

"I am gonna buy all my kids bedroom furniture when January come...."
by Longhairdontcare782 November 02, 2011
When you steal Christmas presents rather than give them.
Perfectly showcased presents by the window. Time to get black Christmas on this house.
by MerryFckingChristmas November 24, 2015
On christmas day you open your gift to find a black dick chillin in a box. See dick in a box for more details.
Girl 1: Did you get anything interesting for christmas?
Girl 2: I had a black christmas.
Girl 1: Ouch!
by burnsbras August 30, 2009
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