noun or transitive verb, referring to the act of inserting one's penis into someone's anus, being sure as to get a good coating of feces, then turning said person around and wiping their own feces on their face with one's penis, thus giving them the appearance of blackbeard the pirate, as well as humiliating them and degrading their human worth.
I walked up to Janine at the party and blackbearded her bitch face. Then she cried and I drank her tears, being careful to avoid drinking her feces as well.
by ericred666 May 04, 2006
placing your scrotum on a shoulder
man, that dude got blackbearded severly.....lets go try it
by 600 rexoR tnegA March 31, 2005
The act of shitting in your hand, placing your penis on their shoulder like a bird, and smearing the feces on their face as if it were a beard.
"He was fast asleep. I could've blackbearded him so bad."
by Me February 18, 2004
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