Someone who is awesome and so much better than everyone else. And people love them or hate them.
You just hate me because im black
by Leighiskoolerthan you September 03, 2006
Someone who don't know how to smoke pot in a bucket (pipe) gradually from side to side we say that he blacks it.
If you black, the weed won't taste as good as if it were green.
Ah man! You black that shit again!
by Cameer May 04, 2006
When something doesn't work
"I can't make a folder, MySpace is being black. And by black I mean not working"
by GodsBalls May 26, 2008
A word used to replace several terms including athletic, tall, strong, hard worker, jumper, etc.
"That man over there is so athletic."
"That man over there is so black."

"He is so strong!"
"He is so black!"
by That is Whack April 13, 2006
another name for hashish due to its colour
how much green fo' dat black
by FaNt0m October 17, 2005
offensive word to black people before the movement in 60s, before "black" became an epitome of " beauty", actually nigger or negro is the right word. black people didn't want to be called black, before they are told they should be proud of their blackness
black is once extremely offensive to negroids
by didier May 10, 2007
Black is simply a word that can replace many words such as:Athletic
Big Penis
nigger, nagga, nigga, negro, whatever the fuck
African America
You might hear a football coach say, "We need to be more athletic."

Translation, "We need to get more black guys on our team."
by Ipacock April 06, 2006

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