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The best color ever! Can be worn to make yourself look sleek and sophistacated, or hard-core goth/punk.
I love wearing black!
by Erin Conley September 04, 2005
137 178
1. A human of the African American race, although, thechnically, African Americans are brown, not black.
2. The description of someone who is excellent at sports.
1. "Do you see that black person?...Make sure you keep your eye on him"
2. John- Whoever Chris is, we want him on our team
Sam- Why? is he a good player?
John- Probably,,, he's black
by jazzijazhands November 06, 2007
28 71
1. Behaving in a way that is consistent with the stereotypes of African-American people.
She had the nerve to show up at the company picnic with Fried Chicken and Watermelon, that is so black.
by keepin it real June 14, 2006
47 92
1.contrary 2 popular beliefs, black is not a color: it is an absence of color.

2. nationality
1. person 1-black is my favorite color.
person 2-black isnt a color, it's an absence of color.
person 1- then my favorite color is an off-set black.
person 2-good.

2. look at that black guy hanging out with all them wiggers.
52 105
Black means any ethnic group with dark skin. Includes African-Americans, Africans, Indians and etc.
Especially African-Americans are renowned for their athletic ability, musical ability, stealing ability and their huge dong.
1.Black guy: (to Indian guy) "You are not Black. You are Asian."
Asian guy: (to Indian guy) "You are not Asian. You are Black."

Conclusion: Indians are neither Black nor Asian.

2.White kid: (to Black guy) "You are black."
Black guy: "Ermm... actually I'm half black."
White kid: "Half black?"
Black guy: "Yes. I'm half black and half white"
White kid: "Oh... Then i'm only half scared."
Black guy: "..."
by les fleur February 26, 2007
96 152
Someone who is awesome and so much better than everyone else. And people love them or hate them.
You just hate me because im black
by Leighiskoolerthan you September 03, 2006
72 130
Someone who don't know how to smoke pot in a bucket (pipe) gradually from side to side we say that he blacks it.
If you black, the weed won't taste as good as if it were green.
Ah man! You black that shit again!
by Cameer May 04, 2006
13 74