Slang for asphalt, a substance used to surface roads, paths, etc.
We took out some black and fixed all the potholes in town.

We'll need 10 square metres of black to fix that hole.
by Bloopy July 31, 2006
Version used before "on"
When someone gives you crazy lip
Don't tell her she's a hoe; she might black on you.
by academies@englewood blowz hard March 27, 2008
Derogatory term for Protestants used mainly in the north of Ireland but also to some extent in the rest of Ireland. May have several origins , perhaps from the Royal Black Preceptory. A protestant fraternal organisation founded in 1797 , 2 years after the Orange Order. It's seen by many as a progression for the Orange Order although it is a seperate organisation.

May also come from the Irish Gaelic habit of appending black( in Irish dubh) to anything considered bad. Garda Dubh (Gaelic for the RIC forerunner of the RUC)
Black B******D= Protestant B********D
by salveme August 06, 2005
In slang terms, "black" is used as a term of endearment in the same way that people call each other "dude" or "man". It is a shorthand way of acknowledging an African-American friend, a "black man".
1. Hey whaddup, black, long time no see.

2. Yo black, hook it up with one of those, alright?

3. "Dag y'all, I never understood, black
Why the jocks get the fly girls
And me, I get the hoodrats..."
-- Skee-Lo
by BigDeezy July 22, 2006
The color or use of this is mainly used today as describing a person or object as being it.
"My Cable Modem Is Black"
"Wow that guy is Black as night"
by YeahManLol March 23, 2006
Contrary to popular belief black is not a color which makes the whole racial meaning to it kinda ironic.

Also se white.
Black is not a color.
by fsdf January 21, 2006
A slang meaning to pilfer or steal.
Matthew Blacked my book.
I'm going to black that sofa.
by nobtastico August 17, 2006

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