Someone with dark skin, and generally an African heritage.
ever heard of the black panthers?
by Kathe May 19, 2005
1. a term used for black tar heroin.

2. niggers
"Lets get some black, man"

"...and then there's black people"
by sqqquuuek January 22, 2012
1) A dark color
2) Someone with a dark complection (see African American, Negro, Nigga, Nigger, ETC.)
3)Acting like ur a dark complection (see above #2)
1) can u pass me the black paint so I can draw a tv.
2) Holy shit the black guy is jacking my car!
Black guy 1: When im older imma steal me a house with a tv in every room
Black guy 2: When i'm older imma steal me some gold teeth
Black guy 3: When i'm older imma paint my car in gold
Black guy 4: When I grow up imma join the NBA cause I can pass, steal, and shoot without fear of getting arrested.
White guy whispers to another white guy: Man those guys are soooo black.
by Rich Gunz April 09, 2011
yes it is a color, and anyone who disagrees...well you know
Black is the best COLOR there is
by zack423 September 25, 2006
1.A type of phase people go through when they want to be cool.
2.Sometimes referenced as a compliment.
1.Man I wish I was black.

2.Look at Mark dance...he's so black.
by Cyrano08 August 04, 2008
Able to dance very well.
Melissa must be half black.
by Cathrina June 07, 2005
Slang for asphalt, a substance used to surface roads, paths, etc.
We took out some black and fixed all the potholes in town.

We'll need 10 square metres of black to fix that hole.
by Bloopy July 31, 2006

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