Traditionally, it has been used to refer to african-americans whose families have lived in the united states for many many generations, and for people who even have one drop of african ancestry. As a matter of fact, most black people in america look a little different from people who actually live in sub-saharan africa(who in my opinion are actually black) because many black people in america are mixed with european and native american blood.

traits associated with black people but not necessarily limited to them: thick fleshy looking black skin, wide nose, nappy hair, narrower ears, not very much hair, narrower joints, longer eyelashes, and a frontal skull that differs from white and east indian/arab people

note to people who claim indian, indonesian, southeast asian, and pacific islander are black: they actually are brown people.
white guy: tiger woods, what does it feel like to be the richest black athlete ever?
tiger woods: well actually, I am cablinasian(white, black, asian, and native american mixed together).

some black guy walking by: have you lost your damned mind? or i forgot you must be too ashamed to be one of us now that you got paper stacked to the ceiling and you had a white woman as a wife and now have too many white women that wanna sleep with you.
by afroman8250 October 05, 2011
Color worn by American icon and champion of the underdog, Johnny Cash, in order to signify the seriousness of injustice and inequality
I wear the Black for the poor and the beaten down/Living in the hopeless, hungry side of town
by Maineiac February 27, 2009
Black is a lot of things. Its not strictly a colour - its a shade.
As opposed to white which is technically a hint.
Black is used to denote shadows in art. Also used for silhouettes, e.t.c
by Walking Talking Dictionary November 08, 2006
1. A word used to describe african american people in the south. Sometimes used in a derogatory way.

2. Group of african american hoodlums in the south who are up to no good.
"Hey man, that club we went to last night was full of blacks, good thing we left early cause there ended up being a shooting and the place is closed down now!"

"Dude we went downtown to eat and there was nothing but blacks there, begging for money and looking for handouts!"

"Oh Karen, see those blacks over there? They are really making the area look so gross and crime ridden, lets call the cops so they will scatter like roaches."
by Buddy Boy Buck July 17, 2009
When things are done of a black nature. It is usually instinctive and cannot be learnt mostly carried out in a serious manner.
He stole that man's wallet right out of his pocket, that was pretty black!
by EnlightenedKid January 04, 2012
1. A colour.

2. One of the best bullet wasting simulators of all time available on PS2 and Xbox.
1. "I see a red door and I want it painted black"

-Mick Jagger on the colour Black.

2. Person 1: "Dude I totally owned those kazaks on Black last night, had the Magnum and unlimited ammo, bit of Clint Eastwood style ownage."

by Timmy_222 June 18, 2009
Someone with dark skin, and generally an African heritage.
ever heard of the black panthers?
by Kathe May 19, 2005

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