The short name for a Black & Mild Cigar, produced by Middleton.

Usually has a plastic or wooden tip, and comes in different flavors. Typically, when smoking a black you first "freak" the cigar which means to remove the tobacco in order to take out the layer of paper which gives the cigar its artificial flavor. The tobacco is then put back. This process usually makes the cigar taste better and also smoke more easily.
You wanna hit this black?

I'm gonna go get a box of blacks.
by jjamfd January 09, 2010
shades, sun glasses.
"nyc blacks u've er m8!" "what language is that you inbred neanderthal?"
by xTactis December 05, 2013
A song by Pearl Jam on their album Ten.
Black is an amazing song.
by NoShitSherlock May 07, 2009
the color that has depth. with the absence of color, black gives the other colors meaning. goes with everything.
ACDC's back in black.
by Liz McClintock May 26, 2015
The absence of color.
A race of people that are African-American.
Black is the color of my soul. :)
by IvoryCastelan March 05, 2014
Stands for Beautiful, Leader, Achiever, Compassionate, and Kingly.
Mike: Hey James
James: Yeah?
Mike: Do you see that girl Kelechi
James: The black one?
Mike: Yeah.
James: What about her?
Mike: She's very intelligent, and has an amazing voice, and to top it all off she is absolutely beautiful.
James: What do you expect? She's black.
by James Garfield III May 22, 2016
Who everyone wants to be until the cops show up.
Gurjeet thought he was a badass black gangster with his brand new lakers jersey and Chevy Impala until he was pulled over after a high school party by cops for a DUI.
by Fuck Halo 2. August 31, 2015
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