1. Darkest shaded of color
2. Racial/ethnic term: A black is a person with a majority of ancestors that stayed in sub-Saharan African during homo S. Sapian's original exodus from the continent. Blacks are the most genetically diverse race on Earth including some of the world's tallest (watusi) and shortest (pygmies) ethnic groups.
Today Black people live on every continent however they are most commonly found in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribean, and the Americas. The term black is sometimes applied to the aboriginals of Australia however they are desecended from homo S. Sapian's original out of Africa migration, and thus are only black in a skin color descriptive sense, and not in a racial, genetic, or ethnic sense. Because of America's one drop rule, the term black is also sometimes applied to people with only half-black ancestry such as Halle Barry, and Bob Marley, however these people have a roughly equal mix of black and non-black ancestry, and thus are only black in a socio-political sense, and are more accurately described as multi-racial.
by javra Moore February 14, 2007
Top Definition
1.Darkness, a dark colour, the colour of this text is black.

2.A race - The black race can range from African american to polynesian.
1. I own a black car.

2. A black person stole my car.
by darkmyst August 29, 2005
African-Americans. The opposite of nigger.

Example of people who are/were black: Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Mohamed Ali, Barrack Obama, Condi Rice, the black men and women out there who are working, surviving and contributing to society like any other citizen, and the black men who are putting their lives on the line in Iraq

Nigger are a different category. Niggers are African-Americans who are drug dealers, murderers, gang bangers, think they should get special treatment because of what some cowboys did over a century ago, NAACP, Jesse Jackson (he does nothing good for his race. he just runs his mouth), Ray Nagin.
Blacks and niggers are two different people
by Bill January 27, 2006
the color this text appears in
this text appears in black
by Gunkglumb June 06, 2005
1-A color widely defined as the absence of light.
2-The darkest shade possible
3-The opposite of white, imho, best described on the Yin&Yang symbol.
1-"I see a red door and I want to paint it black"-the_Rolling_Stones.
2-"You should use a black crayon to draw some shade, if your door is open to the night"-Art-Teacher.
3-"the white on the yin&yang symbol is opposite yet complimentary and equal to the black."
by roninomaha December 20, 2005
black. a colour.
Even though african americans are considerd "black" they really arent. there brownish kinda colour.
there are some black people tho. sudanese people are really dark. but not all of them because sudan consists of really dark people and really light people.
by missjaydee August 23, 2006
goes with any other color in the world
black goes with white
black goes with brown
black goes with yellow
black goes with green
black goes with red
black goes with blue
black goes with indigo
by JDaKingman November 08, 2009
black and milds (best cigars)
lets go to the store and buy some blacks
by ilstu May 05, 2007

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