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1-A color widely defined as the absence of light.
2-The darkest shade possible
3-The opposite of white, imho, best described on the Yin&Yang symbol.
1-"I see a red door and I want to paint it black"-the_Rolling_Stones.
2-"You should use a black crayon to draw some shade, if your door is open to the night"-Art-Teacher.
3-"the white on the yin&yang symbol is opposite yet complimentary and equal to the black."
by roninomaha December 20, 2005
1153 798
Color worn by American icon and champion of the underdog, Johnny Cash, in order to signify the seriousness of injustice and inequality
I wear the Black for the poor and the beaten down/Living in the hopeless, hungry side of town
by Maineiac February 27, 2009
27 32
Black is a lot of things. Its not strictly a colour - its a shade.
As opposed to white which is technically a hint.
Black is used to denote shadows in art. Also used for silhouettes, e.t.c
by Walking Talking Dictionary November 08, 2006
72 77
1. A colour.

2. One of the best bullet wasting simulators of all time available on PS2 and Xbox.
1. "I see a red door and I want it painted black"

-Mick Jagger on the colour Black.

2. Person 1: "Dude I totally owned those kazaks on Black last night, had the Magnum and unlimited ammo, bit of Clint Eastwood style ownage."

by Timmy_222 June 18, 2009
10 18
Simply means the same as poon, pussy, or any other derogatory comment toward a friend...
Yo that was so black when you stole the blunt

How black was that when she failed us cause we didnt go to gym
by Armstrizzle January 05, 2005
6 14
1. a term used for black tar heroin.

2. niggers
"Lets get some black, man"

"...and then there's black people"
by sqqquuuek January 22, 2012
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a synonym for Chuck Norris.
person: hi im chuck norris
other person: so you're black?
by fxckinq October 16, 2010
10 21
1. The color Black.

Contrary to popular belief the word "black" is not a racial comment or slur.
You burnt my toast, and now it is black.

(idiot human rights activist)"Oh my GOSH you racist bastard!!"
by Alpha Rioja June 02, 2005
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