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A drink consisting of 1oz Jagermeister and 1oz Goldshlager. (also known as a starry night) This shot is taken either in celebration of a win or preparation of a basketball game played by the Rams of Virginia Commonwealth University.

A small diner at the corner of Harrison St. and Grace St. has renamed the shot known as a Starry Night, a Black n Gold, is honor of the Virginia Commonwealth University Basketball teams and the many die hard fans who pass through their doors looking for a celebratory drink.
Man, we got housed on Black n Gold's at the Village after the men spanked Old Dominion last night.
by RowdyRipTide April 03, 2009
the representing colors of one of the greatest cities on earth, pittsburgh (pixburgh). the pirates, penquins, and the stillrz wear the black 'n' gold proudly!
the proud fans of pixburgh wear the colors, black 'n' gold, boldly!
by StillrzTomboy79 July 05, 2006
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