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Annual holiday for African Americans that takes place during February and NBA All-Star Weekend. The holiday consists of black families getting together, visiting relatives in prison, and a feast consisting of fried chicken, watermelon, and red drank.
Uncle Pooty always looked forward to Black Thanksgiving to see his family visit him at Joliet.
by Chicago Frank February 19, 2011
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Person 1: Yo, C-Note. Where you gonna b hangin' for black thanksgiving.

Person 2: Tre-Von invited me over to his crib to watch the all-star game and he say you can come ova' too.

Person 1: Sweet. Ill pick up some watermelon flavored vodka fo his punk ass when I cash my check at da liquor sto.
by JB Smoooove February 19, 2011
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An occasion/event that is attended by many African-Americans where cultural norms, etiquette and personal boundaries cease to exist. Behavior is random and arbitrary with frequent outbursts and expression of intense emotion.
Jaquita: Girl friend, you going to Tyrel's crib to watch the NBA all-star game ?

Shontel: Hell yeah's gonna be a black thanksgiving !!

Jacquita: Word.
by unboomer May 12, 2011
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