when one has shit on the tip of their penis after anal penetration; also well known as shit-dick.
Girl: Hay!

Guy: We're gay today! It's a do-it-in-the-butt Black Sunday!
by SkunkMoneyGetIt August 08, 2013
Top Definition
Black Sunday is the last day of Spring Break, including the weekend (obviously).
No matter how good your spring break is, Black Sunday is usually a downer.
by Montes March 24, 2008
A term inspired by the song Black Sunday by Blackbullet.It merely means seeing the world in a perspective that drives you to take action promoting freedom of expression.
Yo bro I'm just having one hell of a black sunday goin on today
by kingpin03 December 26, 2013
The name teachers give to the Sunday before school starts; the last day of summer.
Ms. Fream went to bed anxious and restless on Black Sunday.
by Kitty17 August 01, 2010
When you put poop on a girls nipple and then jizz on it therefore it looks like a sunday.
I gave her a black sunday when she was sleeping last night.
by phillpeno January 24, 2008

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