When someone is horsin' to the max. Horsin'means screwing around.
Lab Teacher: No horse-play in the lab.

Student: You're horsin so hard you're a black stallion.
by Nad Retard October 31, 2008
Top Definition
A name given to somebodys large amount of cock.
Lance has a black stallion.
by the man up above March 17, 2009
Some one who is AMAZING in bed.
Edward is a pony. My boyfriend is a Black Stallion .
by Acting=Lying December 04, 2008
Once the greatest dodge ball team to ever set foot on the battle feild, they would crush any opposing team. But now they are split up, and there fans only can pray that they get back together again.
There isn't an exaple for this great team called "The Black Stallions" they are to good, but they set examples so learn from them

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