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The informal mascot of Kent State University. Black squirrels are mischievous little bastards who have been seen stealing televisions and bicycles. They tend to congregate near basketball courts, but have also been known to seek refuge in and around dilapidated recreation centers.
Dude, did you just see those two black squirrels?

Yeah, bro, I think they traded an acorn for a bag of oregano or some shit...
by Sheepinatorz April 20, 2011
Any fine girl or Women you see, Formally popular in the Cincinnati area.
Yo look Black Squirrel at 3 o clock.
by SlyIan89 April 12, 2006
The performance name of legendary rapper Sal¢1
Yo, you scene black squirrel? Nah, you mean Sal¢1?
by Grurilla Man March 28, 2008
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