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1. A band that sounds kinda like old british rock with faded vocals and not at all like nu-metal. Very very talented. One released song of theirs is "Stop".
1. I'm sure mad I missed Black Rebel Motorcycle Club when they performed around my area!
by andreacky772 January 18, 2005
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is an awesome GARAGE(keep that in mind) band from San Francisco much like The Strokes , Yeah Yeah Yeahs.They actually mix elements from both english and american garage bringing out something completely different
I really regret for not going to the black rebel motorcycle club performance last year...
by ariel_nina June 08, 2005
Marlon Brando's biker gang in the film, "The Wild One"
1: What's that stand for, BRMC?
2. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club!
by The Lazer Viking February 04, 2008