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Black privilege is being able to take pride in your race without fear of persecution.
Black privilege is when people assume you are poor because of racism, not because you’re lazy.
Black privilege is being wealthy without people assuming you wealth was all handed to you or that you exploited others.
Black privilege is being able to commit violent crimes against another race without people assuming you are racist.
Black privilege is being given ‘affirmative action’ which advantages you in jobs and colleges based on your skin tone.
Black privilege is having the media cover up your race in the event of a black flash mob or gruesome murder
Black privilege is being able to make insensitive comments about other races and not being called out on it
Black privilege is when people assume that the police pulled you over because of racism.
Black privilege is being able to blame your shortcoming on racism.
Black privilege is when people consider you to be superior at sports or ‘better in bed’ without it being racist.
Black privilege is not having to be fearful of offending minorities.
Black privilege is having the establishment lie to cover up problems in your community or protect you from criticism.
Black privilege is when you can be over-represented in a certain field without people trying to amend it
Black privilege is having the government pander to your interests in order to ‘get the black vote’
Black privilege is having Hollywood always present you in a positive light
There are no go zones for whites where they will likely be beaten or murdered
There aren't any no go zones for blacks.
This is because of Black Privilege
by Carthy23 April 27, 2013
Is a concrete method which benefits a heterosexual black male and black female, their privilege benefits them by giving them better opportunities and advantages of being black that whites don't have. Black Privilege is where blacks benefit from, well reverse racism or racism on whites. Blacks don't have to worry about being called redneck or white trash. their privilege oppresses other races particularly whites.
Blacks have Obama
Blacks have cops the black ones
Blacks who are blessed, live in the suburbs
I wish I was black and other tales of privilege
Middle class black guy is privileged so mo money(Black Privilege)
by Steveholo123 March 18, 2014
A racist term in sociology meaning a set of benefits just for being black. in reality blacks have the right to take pride in their race, being racist, fitting in to society, and being a protected class. In society a black person has more of an edge in life than other non-blacks. They also benefit from racism when it's not on them.

Affirmative action, having the cops on your side, having the government to pander to your rights, make more money than other racial groups because of Black Privilege.
Blacks succeed in everyday because of Black Privilege, blacks make more money than other racial groups.Black Privilege
by Steveholo123 December 17, 2014
A false concept put forth by white people who are uncomfortable with the real idea of white privilege. Privilege only exists with a dominant group/race in a society, and in America the privilege lies with white Americans.
When I asked him about his take on white privilege, he made sure to turn the conversation to some ridiculous idea of black privilege, as though it exists.
by thatdude321 December 29, 2014

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