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The Black Panther Party, a group of bigoted "black",
or "negro", or "colored" humans as simple to understand
(and categorize) as their caucasian counterparts, the
KKK, aka the Ku Klux Klan.

Their organization was originally intended to
promote civil rights and self-defense for black
americans, but quickly deteriorated into terrorism,
violence, and acts of intimidation in an attempt to
become what they vociferously accused "whitey" (ALL
white people) of being.

In their limited understanding, the words "bigot"
and "racist" only apply to those who aren't BLACK,
regardless what any black person says or does. That
is to say, a man of ANY race (other THAN black, Negro,
or Afro-american) who says the word "black", IS racist
or bigoted, while a black person directly calling
a white person WHITEY, HONKY, or CRACKER is NOT racist
or bigoted, they are simply "speaking their mind" or
"expressing themselves". (see Freedom of Speech)

Luckily, NOT all black Americans (or Afro-Americans,
or whatever is currently PC for black-folk that dont
want to be called black) are so ignorant, in the same
way that NOT all white-folk (or caucasians) are involved
in the stupidity which is the K.K.Klan, and merely want
to live their lives in the NEW Millenium, where, in the
last 100 years or so, there hasn't BEEN a single human
OWNED by another human.

A quick perusal of American history shows a great
abundance of WHITE (CELTIC) indentured or enslaved in
the U.S. as servants, and an even greater number of
CHINESE bought, sold, and/or traded like cattle in this
country's beginnings. Therefore, the U.S. government
and citizens INCLUDING any black folk who AREN'T celtic
or Chinese OWE the descendants of those irish and chinese
folks REPARATIONS. (Right?)

The cost of ignorance is HIGH, the cost of Stupidity is
"Affirmative Action", Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and
Bill & Billery Clinton.

The Black panther party has gone the way of the KKK,
racist bitches who attempt to use the wrongs of
history to excuse their own racist and prejudicial
by D.Tansy October 01, 2007
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