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A drawstring backpack that black people usually wear.
Hey jo u got yo pack; hells yea, I always got my 'Black Pack' it has all my important books like how Martin Luther King became the president of the United States.
by Hagaman November 05, 2007
small backpack made out of nylon like material. Used by black people to carry school books. Also used by black people to hold extra pair of basketball shoes or basketball shorts. Usually with a nike symbol on the back of it.
Did you see Tyrones new blackpack?
by Pubes February 11, 2007
a small cheap back pack, usually worn by african americans, and are of the power ranger, dora the explorer, transformers, or super hero genre
Ay du check my new Powa Ranga Black Pack!
by afroman jose de vez en cuando November 19, 2009
Similar to a backpack, a nylon-mesh sack that Negroes use to store various illegal items, such as weapons and drugs.
Usually have And1 or Air Jordan logos on them.
Jamal: "Yo Tyrese, whatchu got in that blackpack my nigga?!"
Tyrese: "Just my Glock, some weed, some crack and my wife's dead body..."
Jamal: "That's tight, but yo black ass needs to get some And1 nigga!"
by RoflCopter117 August 16, 2008

When a citizen of the African American race gives or receives anal sex, usually between two males, but can be practiced between straight couples.
Rajon: Hey Kobe do you want to blackpack with me tonight?
Kobe: No I already told Lebron I would blackpack with him tonight.
by qlubedup February 05, 2015
noun. A group of African Americans or "niggas/nukkas" consisting of 5 or more people.

Ay y0 tyR0nE! chEx 0uT dAt blAck pAck c0miin d0wn da strEEt!
by Chrisren August 17, 2007
term given to athletic bags that are being used as a backpack. popularized by African - Americans. Combination of the words black and backpack.
Ay bruh, you seen Marcus's fresh new Nike blackpack he got from basketball?
by skittles11 December 13, 2009
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