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When you pull your penis out of someones dirty pooper it looks like a black olive put on the tip.
I stuck it in her pooper and got a black olive
#pooper #olive #dirty #poop #buttsex
by Wincing November 29, 2008
A "Black Olive" is a term used loosely that refers to something people love or hate with no middle ground.
President Obama is a real black olive, Democrats love him but Republicans hate him.

Man, that Volvo is a black olive...except I don't know anyone who thinks it looks good besides you.

Can we get our pizza with cheese, pepperoni and put black olives on half? Not everyone likes 'em.
#like #hate #moderate #licorice #stingerdawg #black #olive #beard #cop stache
by Desmond Moonchild February 22, 2012
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