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The Black Man Equation is an algarithm used to determine one's Black Level Measured in Niglets.

Let Y=Years spent in jail

Let G= Grape drank consumed daily (Litres)

Let K= KFC Consumption per day (Kilograms)

Let W= Wealth in stolen goods (Dollars)

Let R= Total roberies

Let Nℓ= Niglets

∴ Nℓ=((Y²/G)(K))W/R
Trevor: "Yo, how many niglets do you think Tyrese is?"

Angus: "I don't know lets use the Black Man Equation!"

Trevor: "If we take the equation Nℓ=((Y²/G)(K))W/R and substitute in his levels we get:Nℓ=((6²/3)(12))300/12 we find that he is 3600 Niglets!"

Angus: "Thats a pretty High Niglet Level!"

Trevor: "Yeah I didn't realize Tyrese was that black!"
by JulioJohnson September 26, 2011
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