Black Mage
n. 1. A practicioner of the dark arts; a witch or warlock. Typically serves demonic forces. Shortened version of black magician. 2. A class from the game series Final Fantasy, with a pointy hat and a hidden face. 3. Archetypical evil character; tragic(ally flawed) hero of 8-Bit Theatre.
1. Watch out; that man's a black magician.
2. My party includes a Black Mage and White Mage.
3. I, Black Mage, will one day kill fighter
by Cyclone231 April 22, 2004
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Wielder of Dark Arts, Shaper of Infernal Energies and Eater of Pecan Pie.

Short, robed, and cloaked in shadow, these wielders of Magick are known to be short-tempered poweder kegs of fury, prone to rages in which they will use any sharp bladed object to silence a source of stupidity, be it living or inanimate.

Indeed, they would be a threat to humanity if it was not for their social ineptitude and lack of good judgement, they would be a threat to humanity.

Do watch out for the Hadoken though... and its substitute, the Fighterdoken.
by Anthony H. April 01, 2003
and was beaten within an inch of his life by White Mage's giant mallet
Black Mage is Uber-powerful, but a total pervert.
by Cpt.Bob October 19, 2003
One of the most revered online comic characters in existence. The sprite who was quoted saying - "Love is a very powerful force. Even moreso when it's focused into a coherent beam of destruction. Every time i cast hadoken, it siphons away some of the love in the universe. I'm not sure how much, but I'm given to understand the divorce rate goes up with each blast."
RM: Hey, BM, what makes your hadoken work, anyway?

BM: PROMISE not to tell anyone?

RM: For the purposes of this conversation, yes, I do.

BM: Love.
by bonekill January 07, 2005
A wielder of will. A nexus of power that has tapped into the very living ley lines of the cosmos! He can shake the bounds of creation with but a single word! The Heavens bow down to the might of his magic! The Gods quiver in fear that he should find them lacking in his favor. Reality itself is his plaything, nothing more than clay in his masterful and precise hands!
"Black Mage is a pervert!"
by Zeegy Bomb October 04, 2003
Weilder of Black Magic. Usually used in the Final Fantasy series. Have pointy yellow-ish hats,blue robes/coats,a black void thing for a face,striped pants,and glowy yellow eyes.can range from nice to EVIL.
Evil:BM of 8-bit theater,the waltzes.
Common Black Mage Spells:Fira,Doomsday,Water,thundaga
by Aquila December 20, 2003
1.)Black Mage (blak-mayj) n: The epitome of awsomness.
2.)The most destructive force in existence.
3.)Not always entirely evil.
4.)Weilder of the almighty level 9 spell "Hadoken" also known to be substituted with "Fighter-doken".
5.)An untapped nexus of power that would allow for the ability to bend they very cosmos to one's will, that is also not completely hideous.
6.)One who has more doomsday spells than one knows what to do with, wait... yes one does!
8.)One who, at LV99, is industructible and nukes everything in his path.
9.)One who has an innate hate of stupid, cocky, and or scamming people.
10.)One who likes pie, especcially evil pie.
11.)The highest compliment one can recieve
12.)One who believes staff-chucks don't work and hates thieves.
13.)One with an awsome hat that should never be removed at the risk of the life and sanity to all who gazeth upon what lay underneath.
1."That Black Mage is really flippin' awsome!"
2."I bet Black Mage could destroy the universe!"
3."Black Mage isn't THAT evil..."
4."Die sucka! HADOKEN!!!"
5."Black Mage isn't completely hideous! Why he can bend the very cosmos to his will!"
6."Heh, heh, I think I know what I'll do with my 49th doomsday spell know.."
7."I'm a Black Mage yo!"
8."You cannot possible kill me! I'm a LV99 Black Mage!
9."I hate you Fighter, I really do..."
10."Pie? Oh please... Wait, EVIL PIE?! YAYYYYY!!!!"
11."You're a real Black Mage." "Really? THANK YOU MAN!!!"
12."I hate you Thief, and staff-chucks are a stupid idea!"
13."What happened to him?" "Oh, he just gazeth upon what lay underneath my awsome hat." "Dang!"
by LV99_Black_Mage September 30, 2006
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