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An African-American who does the bidding of liberals, often to the detriment of his or her own community. Indoctrinated by liberal universities, this individual is usually well-trained and has an affinity for regurgitating liberal talking points on queue.
"Don't let the micro-braids fool you; Melissa Harris-Perry is a thoroughgoing black lab."
#black lab #black liberal #liberalism #black lib #liberal black
by Centrist Brother July 23, 2013
An African-American who has wholeheartedly subscribed to the modern liberal ideology. You can usually find this person following behind liberals like lost puppy. A black lap dog for liberals with an uncanny ability to connect any liberal initiative to the Civil Rights Movement.
You know Al Sharpton only got that gig on MSNBC because he became a black lab.
#black lab #black liberal #liberalism #black lib #liberal black
by Son of Malcolm September 30, 2013
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