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The empty feeling you have after something you really loved, ends. Like your life can't go on without it. A big void.
person 1: Why were you in bed all day?

person 2:I finished the with all the seasons of Teen Wolf! Now I have to wait 4 months for more.I don't know what to do with my life anymore. I think I have Black Hole Syndrome.
by Imogen August 01, 2014

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A natural condition or social engineering of an individual's mentality and intellect which does not permit said individual to question why scientists are able to create an artificial black hole in a Large Hadron Collider, yet the automobile manufacturers are unable to market all 2009 models of automobiles with a CAFE standard of 100+ miles per gallon.
Person 1: "Have you seen the 2009 models from Detroit and Tokyo, yet? There are some sick looking rides and they've increased the fuel efficiency."

Person 2: "Yeah. They've barely increased the efficiency."

Person 1: "Every little bit helps and you can't expect them to be able to make great leaps and bounds in technology overnight. These things take time to engineer and develop."

Person 2: "They had prototypes that got over 100 miles per gallon in the year 1950. Wake up, dude. You have Black Hole Syndrome."
by Alpha Aquarius October 07, 2008