When someone becomes so intoxicated -during what may seem to be the peak of the party- that they pass out, either on the floor or ground or in a chair
WHOA ! JAMes is black hawk down and its only 12:30 !! {SOME ONE GO GET THE SHARPIE}
#passed out #wasted #drunk #sleep #coma
by j bobs April 30, 2006
An exclamation referring to someone who has become engaged, or otherwise committed in a serious relationship.
Guy 1: I'm going ring shopping after work.
Guy 2: Black Hawk Down!
#engaged #married #love #relationship #commitment #couple #fiance #wedding #bride #groom
by Cuban8 September 28, 2005
When you take a smelly ass shit in your freinds mouth when he is asleep.
Be quiet, I m gonna Black Hawk Down Chris
by big titty bitch January 22, 2005
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